Article By Stuart Ward

Westcars of Tiverton have recently supplied a new Vauxhall Viva to Mr Peter Letten of Isca Bags in Exeter, which has joined his existing HA Viva-based Bedford HA van on the company vehicle fleet.

Way back in 1982, Peter was looking to buy a car for a Sales Representative for his company - which specialises in packaging materials and catering disposables - and was pointed to the van sat in the corner of the dealer's showroom. ...
It was still in factory primer, but looked to have potential, so Peter handed over £800, had in painted (in Sahara Beige) and signwritten and off it went.
In the intervening 35 years since the original purchase, apart from a respray and bodywork repairs plus other necessary jobs, it is original.

The photo shows Westcars Sales Manager, Stuart Ward, presenting Peter with the keys to his new Viva SL.